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The Ten Most Stunning Monuments

Dall'epoca preromana il nostro territorio è luogo di residenza di imperatori romani, patrizi veneziani, di possedimenti benedettini e di residenze di conti e nobili famiglie, nonché di poeti e scrittori. Le tracce di questo glorioso passato si possono incontrare passeggiando per le Terme Euganee o girando per i Colli.

  1. The formal gardens of Villa Barbarigo in Valsanzibio di Galzignano Terme

    Beautiful formal gardens with trees that are hundreds of years old, fountains, water features, a maze and statues which introduce symbolism, allegories and unusual features which make the gardens so special.

  2. Villa dei Vescovi in Luvigliano

    An imposing 16th century villa which is now owned Italy’s national trust, inspired by the classical style in its architecture and frescoes, which has its own park with a vineyard and fruit trees. Its beautiful loggias and terraces are the perfect place to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and watch the sun set.
    In the pretty village Luvigliano outside Torreglia, surrounded by the Euganean Hills, this villa is the venue for numerous events, as well as guided tours and tastings.

  3. Castle Catajo, Battaglia Terme, the “Queen of the Euganean Hills”

    Standing on the banks of the Battaglia canal, the ancient waterway that leads to Venice, is this elegant castle full of artistic treasures such as frescoes, hanging gardens and a panoramic terrace.This is one of the most impressive historic homes in Europe.

    Castello di Catajo

  4. Petrarch's Home in Arquà

    In this modest house, the poet Petrarch, much loved by the ruling family of Padua, spent the final years of his life. It is almost fully intact and unchanged since his passing.
    It is now a museum. It is in the heart of the village of Arquà Petrarca, which was named in his honour, one of Italy’s most beautiful mediaeval villages, where visiting feels like taking a trip back in time.

    Casa del Petrarca

  5. The Benedictine abbey in Praglia

    A powerful abbey which once ran several estates in the region, it is still home to Benedictine monks and features an important centre for restoring ancient books.
    Without doubt, the abbey in Praglia is an unmissable place to visit, where you can step into the everyday life of the community of monks, as well as appreciating the beauty of the ancient Benedictine monastery with its cloisters, abbey church and the Fogazzaro loggia, the monumental dining hall and the chapter house. The abbey also features a small shop where you can purchase products produced by the monks on site.

    Abbazia Benedettina di Praglia

  6. Castle San Pelagio in Due Carrare

    Famous for the flight by Gabriele d'Annunzio, it is now home to a museum of air and space, featuring a remarkable collection of flying machines, as well as beautiful lawns and mazes. A place where history, science and nature meet.
  7. Villa Papafava and Parco Frassanelle in Rovolon

    This architectural jewel owned by the Papafava dei Carraresi family is a neoclassical villa constructed in the early 1800s.Positioned atop a hill of the same name, Villa Papafava is famous for its majestic park which surrounds the house, featuring ash trees (or 'frassini’ in Italian, giving the park its name), cypress trees, poplars another notable varieties.
    The park also contains man-made caves, a gorge and an ornamental temple.

  8. Villa Bassi Rathgeb in Abano Terme

    Built over 10 years between 1566 and 1576 by a doctor named Giovanni Anotnio Secco who, originally from Cremona but an adopted Venetian, realised his dream of owning a country house for farming and as a summer retreat.
    The villa, which is in the Palladian style, houses a priceless cycle of late 16th century frescoes depicting mythical and allegorical scenes which are attributable to the school of Giovan Battista Zelotti.
    The interior was reworked in the second half of the 18th century by the new owners, the Marquises Dondi dell’Orologio, who enlarged the Italian garden, introducing the vegetable garden and the maze. On the west side of the villa is a small oratory, built in 1777 and dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto.
    Since 2018, the villa has been home to Abano Terme’s civic museum, as well as being used as a venue for exhibitions and cultural events.

  9. Museum of spa tourism and the region

    A museum telling more than 3000 years of history, from the first use of the Euganean spas in the pre-Roman era, through Roman times and to the present day.
    A museum with something for everyone which reveals the secrets of spa tourism, hidden routes of the area around the Euganean Hills and many other resources and exciting stories with the use of multimedia installations.
    A unique and surprising experience, one which will give you a better understanding of the value of the thermal waters and their use from Roman times to the present day.

  10. Castle Monselice

    An imposing mediaeval fortress that stands out against the palatial houses of beautiful Monselice. After being beguiled by the charming mediaeval village, when you enter the castle you will be bathed in an air of mystery, among the weaponry, furniture, ornaments, rooms with fireplaces and kitchens, where you can almost hear the voices of the servants and the bubbling of the pans on the fire.

Now you know which are the most unmissable monuments around the Euganean Hills, all that remains is to plan your visit and explore them one by one! We are waiting for you!

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