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Euganean Spas: Not Just Mud, Also Air And Inhalation Treatments

All of the spa facilities in the Euganean region have a dedicated department for inhalation treatments.

Special devices spray droplets of thermal water, transforming them into an effective treatment for acute or chronic illnesses which affect the upper and lower airways. The therapeutic activity is not just down to fluidification of mucus but also the anti-inflammatory effect on the lining of the airways.

After inhalation treatment, a reduction in the number of harmful microbial species in the airway has been observed, helping to increase those microbes that live in the body.
To summarise, the many therapeutic aims of inhalation treatments at the Euganean Spas are as follows:

  • Antiseptic effect.
  • A stimulating effect on the cilia.
  • Fluidification of secretions.
  • Normalisation of the respiratory mucus.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Reduction of harmful microbes.

Undertaking an inhalation treatment at Abano and Montegrotto Terme is the right choice for anyone who wants to treat themselves and live better. Please check with your doctor, then book your stay at the Euganean Spas!

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