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A Visit to Butterfly Arc - the House of Butterflies, Montegrotto Terme

This is the first House of Butterflies in Italy and one of the first in the world. It features a trail through the rainforests of the Amazon, Africa and Asia, a captivating place with its colours, sounds and hundreds of free-flying butterflies.

And there are so many other magnificent animals: from bearded dragons to large tropical insects. Butterfly Arc offers fantastic interactive workshops which are open to everyone, where you can discover all the secrets of our four, six and two-legged friends. It is a truly unforgettable, hands-on experience!

The trail through the enchanted forest and the house of butterflies

The trail starts in the teaching room where you get an idea of the extraordinary biodiversity that exists in the world of butterflies. Straight after this, you will have the chance to learn about one of the most famous butterflies in the world, the monarch butterfly. A short walk away, across a bridge over a pond, you will enter the first room of the House of Butterflies: the Garden of Eden, where art and the beautiful blue butterflies combine around a recreation of an ancient tropical tree. Next you will see how a chrysalis opens and, if you are lucky, you’ll see the birth of a new butterfly!

Esperienza a Montegrotto Terme

After the video room, you will be ready to enter the tropical house. The first garden represents the Amazon region, with lush vegetation and butterflies of all colours and sizes. Some of the ones which stand out are the Morpho with their gaudy metallic blue wings and the colourful Heliconius which use their colours to warn predators that they are toxic. Do not rush, take a few moments to watch the frenetic activity of the leafcutter ants.

After visiting Amazonia, it is just a short hop across the ocean to the Indo-Australian region where, following the various species of swallowtail butterflies, you will find the plants where they deposit their eggs and grow their young caterpillars. After exploring this region, you will be ready for a change with the enchanted forest, where the House of Butterflies trail continues.
This is a magical place in a wooded park covering 6,000 m², where visitors both young and old will be captivated by the legends and fantastical characters that exist in fairytales and popular traditions.

During your walk, you will encounter paintings of ogres, elves and fairies, as well as strange rocks and trees which seem to be watching you; if all goes well, you may even reach the lake of the fisher elf and the ancient stone labyrinth.

The enchanted forest is based on ancient local tales and stories from imaginary world of fairytales which are typical of Indo-European tradition; some of the most fascinating include the Stone Labyrinth, the Sacred Druid Garden and the Hill of Fairies. Some of these have been represented live for the first time, gathering stories from oral traditions.

 In the forest, you may meet some animated characters, including the Troll King who tells short stories about a magic and invisible world, or the gypsy caravan inside which is a talking Oracle, who you can ask questions to get sage answers in both English and Italian. The enchanted forest also has an area dedicated to the aquatic world, full of rare species in need of protection, and another area where you can see giant moths close-up.

The house of butterflies also organises educational activities and guided tours for children and adults.
Book your trip now to the House of Butterflies in Montegrotto Terme, you won’t regret it!

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